Language Services for the Legal Profession

Patent translation, deposition interpreting, document identification – these are just a few of the language services JLS provides that are tailored specifically to the needs of legal professionals: attorneys at law firms, corporate counsel, and their support staff. Our reputation for excellence and reliability goes back over 30 years and embraces industries where intellectual property protection is of paramount importance: semiconductor manufacture, computer hardware and software, biotechnology, medical devices, and engineering.

Legal scale

Because every client comes to us with different needs, we take pride in our ability to provide personalized service to meet them:

  • · a practiced accounts manager as single-point contact person to handle the logistics of the project (with backup inside JLS to ensure continuity)
  • · a project plan that takes into account deadlines and other constraints
  • · careful vetting processes to ensure that the best-qualified language professionals are assigned to the project
  • · worldwide, round-the-clock availability of translated documents via a secure hosting site on our server.

Added to that is our proven ability to handle large-scale projects under tight deadlines. Client confidentiality is, of course, strictly observed at all times before, during, and after the project.

Legal Translation: The Written Word

Our translators have native fluency in the target language and extensive experience in preparing legal documents for the target industry. Their work is subjected to rigorous review by separate editors (with qualifications similar to those of the translators), and the edited translations are put through our in-house quality-control process before delivery. The results are accurate translations that read as though they were originally written in the target language. Certification of the translation can also be provided upon request.

The types of documents we handle include:

  • · patents, prior-art references, and trademark-related material
  • · contracts, international trade documentation, and intellectual property filings
  • · pleadings and discovery materials
  • · technology licensing agreements, joint venture agreements, mergers and acquisitions documents
  • · articles of incorporation, bylaws
  • · journal articles
  • · annual reports

In addition, we can also provide quick sight translations to identify relevant documents (on-site or online), as well as translations of material for inclusion in eDiscovery document management systems.

Interpreting: The Spoken Word

Though interpreters need to have industry experience just like translators, their skill sets are quite different. Theirs is a very high-pressure profession where their rendition must be correct the first time. Our seasoned interpreters can handle the most demanding situations to be encountered in legal practice, from depositions to tense courtroom cross-examinations.

Multilanguage Website Localization

If your firm has or is planning an overseas presence, then making your website available in the local languages is a good idea. Types of services, attorney biographies, client success stories are all items that will help increase your firm’s credibility in the eyes of potential overseas clients. We can work directly in HTML or other file formats, and can help ensure that the information contained on the foreign-language site is presented in a form familiar to the target audiences.

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To discuss your firm's language requirements, or to find out more about our services, please call JLS at +1-650-321-9832, or send us an email at .

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