Going global or going local? Either way, we can help.

Project Planning

We’ll evaluate each of the following aspects of your project:

  • Cultural: We’ll make sure it is culturally in tune and appropriate for the audience you are targeting (this includes graphics, videos and sound effects).
  • Linguistic: Our localization specialists will translate, adapt, and optimize the language of the UI (fonts, dates and time formats, monetary units, and so on).
  • Visual: We’ll take into consideration both the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of the UI (spacing, layout, truncation, and more).
  • Technical: We use dedicated localization software, and our DTP team can work with a wide variety of file formats and localization tools.

Localization Process

Once we have a good sense of all aspects of your project, we apply our signature 3-tier process:

  • First, a highly qualified and fully vetted localization specialist translates the content.
  • Next, a second, equally qualified linguist reviews the translation for accuracy and, in addition to editing the content for style and correctness, considers cultural context as well as length limitations crucial to working on user interface material.
  • Our QC team assesses the project and delivers the localized text. Once we have the build, we perform the linguistic validation. Finally, we can capture the screenshots to be used in user manuals, as we believe that a top-notch localized manual should always include screenshots of the localized UI.

Quality Control

Our built-in Quality Control System includes rounds of review and evaluation at every step, and features:

  • A standardized vetting process for linguists and localization specialists
  • Certified processes and practices that meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry
  • Quality interaction with clients, so that we clearly understand the project specifications and deliver accordingly
  • Multiple rounds of proofing and reviews to maximize results, consistency, and product quality


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At JLS, we leverage our vast network of localization specialists to deliver a product that is functional, aesthetically appealing, and perfectly in tune with the target language and culture. We strive to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

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