Text, voice, image, video… No matter what your media is, we can handle it.

Project Planning

Multimedia publishing requires particularly careful planning and assembly of different linguistic talent. Our process, technical expertise and broad industry connections help us deliver extraordinary multimedia projects.

  • First, we evaluate the various elements and aspects of your project so that we can plan the production phases (text, images, video, animation, dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, and so on).
  • Next, we select the linguistic team, the voice-over talents, and the technical experts best suited to the project.
  • After that, we draft a plan to integrate the various teams and production phases so that the project gets executed flawlessly and efficiently.

Multimedia Publishing Process

As with our translation and localization projects, we have a 3-tier process:

  • Our linguist translates and localizes the content, including graphics and sound effects. If voice-over is part of the project, we arrange for voice talent from within our network.
  • Our QC team performs a careful review of all material for correctness and cultural appropriateness, including any cadence or dialectal issues. A simultaneous review is performed on all technical aspects, and our seasoned professionals evaluate the project’s visual appeal (timing, framing, flow and synchronization).
  • Our DTP team integrates all the elements to create a smooth product that faithfully reproduces the original, and is appropriately localized and translated for the target audience.

Quality Control

Our built-in Quality Control System includes rounds of review and evaluation for each element of the multimedia project, and features:

  • A standardized vetting process for linguists and localization specialists
  • Certified processes and practices that meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry
  • Quality interaction with clients, so that we clearly understand the project specifications and deliver accordingly
  • Multiple rounds of reviews to maximize results, consistency, and product quality.

Our linguists, voice talent and dedicated multimedia production experts will make sure your product is ready to captivate your target audience, bringing your company one step closer to achieving its strategic goals.

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