Reach your customers in every corner of the world with global digital marketing!

Project Planning

At JLS we can localize all your digital marketing content so you can reach your customers in their own language. Multilingual digital marketing projects require extensive expertise about how digital media work around the world and how they can be integrated into your global marketing strategy. Careful planning is a key part of the project:

  • First we evaluate the various elements of the project so we can plan the production parts and phases (digital channels, ads, website content, SEO, SEM and keywords).
  • Next, we select the linguistic team and market experts best suited to the project and we create a plan to integrate the various teams and parts of the project. The end result is a project that is executed flawlessly, efficiently and on time.


As with our other services, we have a 3-tier process to ensure the highest quality:

  • Our linguists translate and localize all digital content, and carefully research and select keywords for SEO, ensuring they are used consistently on the website and in your digital campaign.
  • Our team performs a careful QC of all materials making sure word limits are respected, keywords are consistent, and that the SEO guidelines for different search engines are followed.
  • We partner with you to make sure your digital marketing and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) goals are met through careful analysis of the results.


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Quality Control

Our built-in Quality Control System includes rounds of review and evaluation for each element of the global digital marketing project and features:

  • A careful vetting process for linguists specialized in digital marketing
  • An evaluation at multiple points during the project, that all the parameters set by different search engines are met and that the content, images and multimedia assets are in tune with the target audience
  • Quality interaction with clients, so that we clearly understand the project specifications and deliver accordingly
  • Multiple rounds of reviews to maximize results, consistency, and product quality.

Adapting your digital campaign content to a country’s linguistic and cultural standards is very important if you want to be successful in that market. A simple translation of the original copy will not do, but a well localized website that follows all the best practices of multilingual website adaptation is a very good investment for any company. It takes considerable knowledge of both the target audience and of the digital media landscape to accomplish a successful global digital campaign. We look forward to working with you on your global digital marketing campaigns!

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