Don’t get lost in translation … We can take care of all your language needs.

Project Planning

Meticulous planning is what gives us an edge.

  • Project evaluation: we carefully assess all of your project’s characteristics (subject matter, volume, graphics, file formats), and the requested turnaround time.
  • Linguist selection: we select the best for your project from our network of trusted linguists.
  • Translation memory (TM): we build client-specific translation memories, which ultimately save our clients time and cost, while maintaining terminology consistency.

Translation Process

Our translation process is 3-tiered:

  • First, one of our time-tested and vetted linguists translates the content.
  • Next, a second, equally qualified linguist reviews and edits the translation for accuracy, consistency, and readability.
  • Finally, our DTP team formats the documents, and our QC checkers provide multiple rounds of careful proofreading.

We offer full DTP (desktop publishing) services for technical manuals, marketing brochures and other materials from traditional and online sources. We work with all languages, including Asian double-byte character sets (DBCS).

Quality Control

Our built-in Quality Management System ensures that each project is subjected to a series of checks before delivery. Our process is highly adaptable and meets the needs of all customers and project types:

  • Linguists undergo a standardized vetting process.
  • Our process is fully certified and meets the highest standards.
  • For medical translation, deliverables can be reviewed by subject matter experts (SMEs) and In-Country Reviewers (ICRs). We can either provide this service through our pool of SMEs and ICRs, or we can work with the client’s reviewers. In either case, the translation is reviewed afterwards once more before delivery.
  • Our experienced DTP team can deal with a wide a variety of file formats for your convenience.

Language barriers can significantly restrict your growth and limit your strategic options. At JLS, we provide you with high-quality translations so that your products reach the rest of the world just as you envisioned.

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